fletxa Scope of Acting

All production origins, or handling the manipulation of marine resources, are the target group IBERLAND. Where extractive fishing activity can be found, or areas of intensive aquaculture. Wether its aboard factory ships or on land on the filleting-plants, industries with added value of fish, machines and various manipulations. Where fish products related activities can be found, there will be a potential interest in the implementation of our systems of recovery and the value of the by-products derived there from.

At the moment we operate in the 5 continents and our products have backgrounds as diverse as: 

In Europe: Spain, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Holland, Poland and Lithuania.
And in other continents: Canada, United States, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile, China, New Zealand, Mauritius, Namibia and South Africa, mostly.

Unfortunately, there are many more sources of interest to do recoveries, but the situation of these countries, especially those still developing, because of their lack of infrastructure and basic facilities, like cold-storages, being the most common impediment to think of the implementation of our business.

All fishing industry involves the generation of organic waste that could be used in part, and therefore the effort to recover these, not only derives a business and social good, but also an environmental benefit.


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