fletxa Who we are ?

Since 1987, our company is dedicated to the supply of raw materials of fish and shellfish to the European food industry. Based on the industry in which we work, all raw materials that we supply are characterized by the strict controls that are exercised over them, fullfilling the requirments of technical specifications of all the raw materials, tracebility, regularity of product supply, as well as a large range of different presentation of formats,particularly directed to industrial use to avoid excessive manipulation prior to its incorporation into the productive process.

fletxa Our Structure

Our structure is composed of processing plants in the five continents and warehouses regulation in U.K., Denmark, France, Germany and Spain where our headquarters are, situated in Girona. From which we supply to all of our customers..

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MACFONT S.A. C/ Manel Quer, 5-7, Entl. 2B - 17002 Girona (Spain) - Telf.: +34 972 218 825 - Fax.: +34 972 220 362 info@macfont.es
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fletxa What types of raw materials supply foo industry sector?

We specialise in FISH AND SHELLFISH BY-PRODUCTS, or raw materials obtained manually and/or mechanically from a major production process, strictly controlled (before, during and after the process of obtaining) and adapted to use in food industries We can obtain materials exempted from skin, bones, shells and cartilage, as appropriate, adapt to any industrial development. Also, the control exercise on the origin of the by-products of fish and shellfish, we can also have products specifically targeted the industry restorer / distributor, such as smoked salmon, shrimp, cod carpaccio, edible crabs, surimi. To complement our offer to industry and catering based on their geographical location and unlimited quantities.

fletxa Industrial applications of our raw materials:

The main feature is the wide variety of products that are produced, such as:
Canned foods, salads, “txangurro”, stuffed olives, cold cuts, sandwiches, soups and puddings, mousses and pâtés, seafood salads, choppeds, sausages, stuffed peppers, scents, fillings for cakes, paellas, fishfingers, croquettes, “empanadas”, sandwich filleds, fishforms, precooked in general, etc.

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