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The operational structure and logistics of Macfont SA and the group IBERLAND, is designed and aimed to provide a solid and reliable service to our customers, mainly to the European food industry.

On the one hand, the assurance of the quality and the perfect hygienic and health conditions of the products, providing the analytical and technical data sheets for all our products to ensure their implementation in the different processes of development. Secondly, our compromise to ensure the supply, both in the terms of delivery orders as in ensuring the quantities needed without disturbing any production program or commercial campaign. And as the third cornerstone of our service, the establishment of parameters for highly competitive pricing accompanied with the protection of the same, from unpredictable movements caused by global supply and demand of different species and their seasonality. 

Faced with the complexity of some raw materials, shortages, temporarily or simply to prevent speculation, our procedure is based on a form of contractual work, both for the price and for the quantity, in order to give strength and confidence to supply. 

Our commitment to the customer is evidenced by the fact that we look for the guarantee of continuity and a constant input for new job opportunities. Thus, we intend to provide a integrated care to our customers.

Finally, we offer a free service advisory for developing product formulas, advising the more convenient materials and taking into account the circumstances and parameter conditions of each particular client.
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